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An aspect of a high rank from Allah

Hiya! First let me start off by saying that all good in this world is in and from the hands of Allah. He gives as he sees fit. In our interactions with each other, all the good is from Allah, so it can be daunting at times to acquire and share good things knowing that you have your own limitations coupled with our natural horror at being left without resources to stimulate conversation. I myself have experienced this many times, but as Allah says Himself, He does not burden us with more than we can bear. Furthermore, those who are in this position should recognise that Allah will always grant ultimate victory to those who remember and worship Him, if that is what they seek.

Rest assured then, that Allah will not leave you empty handed and unable to access His bounty and His blessings, rather He has strategically decreed certain things to be certain ways temporarily - always temporarily - nothing in this world is forever - so we need to recognise that certain things are part of the strategy of Allah, accept that fact and then manoeuvre our way through His plan. This is how best to be a servant of Allah, and of the highest positions that a servant or slave of Allah can attain.

Sometimes things can seem extremely difficult or hazardous, but the greatest servants of Allah recognise that the good in their lives is a map, and that they are not the creator or the overseer of the map but rather they are willing participants who are following instructions/guidance at each stage. Furthermore, they understand that knowledge doesn’t elevate a person, truth does. And Allah is the Truth. In the beginning there was only Allah - alone and without anything else, even space! It was just Him and Him alone, and then he made the pen, which is an interesting topic that Allah has not given me knowledge of yet. He then set about creating a universe that prostrates to Him, both it and it’s inhabitants.

If you recognise the points I have made above, be grateful to Allah and use them frequently as a reminder and as a support as you navigate through this world. Hold firm to the rope of Allah and remember that Allah says “Those who have grasped my handhold should rejoice and remain resolute, for they have indeed grasped a trustworthy, pure, divine and protecting handhold!”

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