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Seeking the bounty of Allah pt. 1

Request Him, politely but FIRMLY (It is imperative that you ask exactly what you think you are worth and what you think you have to offer. I will give a few examples here. If you ask for a Kingship while wasting your time and following pointless vanities, be assured the answer will be no. If you ask for a rank in this dunya of a high level so you can make meaningful change, rest assured the answer will be yes, but as mentioned, you will need to work for it).

You will need to overcome all sorts of obstacles to get to where you want to be. The biggest is people. Your friends, family etc. Now, real courage, not the sort you see in movies (beware of that), comes from truth. If I ask you to go to another country to do something without telling you anything else, you will be, at best, reluctant to do so. The same way, you will be reluctant to carry out the duties required of us as Muslims in terms of dealing with people (unless he has blessed you with the desire to do so, in which case thank Him for it, because He’s given you something very, very valuable). So, the same way, when dealing with other people, remember this: “The Truth comes from Allah alone; so be not of those who doubt. 3:60. In EVERY avenue. The reason I'm saying all this? Allah loves us. I argue with my brother all the time, but Allah loves him, so if I'm doing my best to get closer to Allah, surely one of the biggest avenues is tolerating, helping, chilling with, loving, praying for, leaning on etc my brother? Not that it's easy, as many of you with siblings will know, but again, given that the truth comes from Allah, and the truth is the easiest way to move forward in whichever place you are in, be it anger, sadness, happiness etc, if I ask Him to help me with the situation because I am struggling with dealing with my brother adequately, it'll come and all that's left is for me to carry out the role I know I need/want to do.

In truth, I am excited to share this with you. If you are confronted by someone who is aggressive, someone who opposes you, someone who isn’t treating you as they should, instead of asking yourself why, which is very common, ask Allah for the truth of the situation. Nullify yourself, so as to reach the exact cause (and in the process rid yourself of any diseases by the way, both mental and physical, but this topic is a bigger one and one I will touch on at some point(s)), and if you have suspicions or doubts, first validate them. DO NOT ENTERTAIN MEANINGLESS THOUGHTS, INCAPABLY VALIDATED THOUGHTS, QUESTIONS TO WHICH YOU CANNOT POSSIBLY GET THE ANSWER FOR STRAIGHT AWAY.

In short, focus on what is most important to Him, His Messenger PBUH (who, by the way, we should follow his example most importantly with other people, this is more important than with ourselves, but I will also touch on this later), yourself and those closest to you. You will find that the things presenting themselves to you are either able to be overcome, or dealt with. Overcome is the more important here, as 90% of things we encounter must be overcome, not dealt with.

It is with Allah’s permission that things reach us, bad or good, so things that must be overcome are more important than those that must be dealt with, as he does not burden us with more than we can bear, as long as we keep this in mind – “… Our Lord, and do not burden us with whatever it is beyond our capability.” (2:286) Another thing to remember – ask Him, and remain firm and steadfast here, to equip you with what you need to deal with whatever He, and/or life throws at you.

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