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Protagonist vs Witness

The most important thing to remember with our every waking breath is that we are witnesses, not protagonists. Our time on this Earth, in this first creation, was intended by Allah to know Him, to increase our knowledge by way of His mercifulness and bountiful nature and to worship Him, as prescribed by Allah Himself to and through the wonderful and blessed final Messenger PBUH. Therefore, He is the protagonist in this spectacular first creation, while we are witnesses to Him and His attributes. If one remembers this and lives their life with this as their cardinal rule, not only will they be successful in their life but they will benefit from the presence of Allah in their lives, (which is the highest form of success), receiving wisdom, knowledge, power (in some cases) and firmly planted feet, as Allah is pleased with those who follow His guidance and submit to the truth when it comes to them. Truly, this is only achievable with the Divine Will and Permission of Allah. Those who He has bestowed this blessing upon are certainly (in regards to the three categories mentioned in the Quran) of those in front and you will find them eternally grateful and eager for the blessings of Allah to increase, comforted in the knowledge that Allah, in His own time, will grant them a life that exceeds any expectations they could have possibly had with their limited knowledge.

All praise and loyalty belongs to Allah, the Glorified One who decrees simply by saying ”Be” and it is. Honourable is the one who holds the weight of government and sovereignty in His hand, who never abandons His submissive followers, come what may.

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