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Seeking the bounty of Allah pt. 2

Updated: May 30, 2021

You will never prosper without being able to deal with what whatever is thrown at you with patience and forbearance. Now, neither is able to be obtained overnight, and not a person on this planet would disagree. Both come from perseverance in the path of Allah, through thick and thin. One of the BIGGEST and BEST things to remember here is that when confronted with a problem, do not make a mountain out of a molehill, no matter the size of the problem. Ask Him for the truth of the matter and remember that this is a challenge, a test, one that is trying to gauge just exactly where you stand in certain situations. Allah does not test us for no reason, He wants to know are we real? Do we mean what we say? Are we steadfast in what we do? Because He wants to give us more – He wants us to fly far and wide in this world, and help as many people as we can, whether we know it or not. He also wants us to enjoy the bounty He has bestowed on us, so make time for that, because trust me, there will come a time that everything will be too much for us to handle if we don’t make time to relax and unwind from whatever it is that troubles us. So when troubles come your way, just think about Allah in an evolutionary sense. He has watched billions of people over years and years, live their lives, either turn to Him or not, how they influenced, how they changed, how they accepted or rejected the truth when it came to them, in whichever form it came. So why would he waste my time with pointless struggles if He wants what is best for me? My job is to simply trust that He knows what He's doing, period.

This one is tricky, but remember it. Forget motivational quotes. Forget problem-solving. Forget motivation. Forget laziness. These are social constructs, and they only have value if you attach value to them, and more often than not, you will use it against yourself, or others will use it against you. Instead, turn to Him. Why are YOU not enough? You say you are enough, over and over and over, so why can’t I trust you? Why can’t I rely on you comfortably? What am I missing? What is missing in general? Why am I plagued with worries, anxiety, stress – aren’t you supposed to be the answer to all of this? TRUST ME. YOU ARE GOING TO GET AN ANSWER. I will not comment on the answer method, as this is personal to Allah and the recipient ONLY. Do not tell others of what He has given you, do not tell others of how He responds, just simply, if asked, respond, “He helped me immensely”. “Alhamdulilah”, “I had nowhere to turn and I found my peace with Allah”. It is very important that you keep your experiences with Allah to yourself if you can, as they are personal you know? That is not to say that you shouldn't share knowledge with others of Allah's immense mercy, love, kindness and given strength, more that explanations should be given in a generic format, the specifics are between you and Allah alone.

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