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Seeking the bounty of Allah pt. 3

Make space in yourself, both your heart and mind for Him to make changes. This is hard, as it requires MUCH tolerance and patience, because Allah is Allah. What I mean by this, is when he does something, it is Perfect. Remember that even though all He has to do for a thing to happen is "Kun (Be)", you can still show loyalty to Him by making it easier for Him to help you navigate your own psyche. So, if he bestows you with something, the thing itself, let’s call it A, is perfect. If he gives you understanding of something, it will be perfect. Expandable, in the sense that you start at position A, and then go to B, C, D etc, but the only thing you need to remember here is that it is Allah alone who Gives as he Pleases. You can bang on the door for years, the only time it opens is when He says so. And whatever it is you want, if it is good for you, He will WANT to give it to you, but you have to do it on His terms. All we really want is to relax and chill and have friends, and money, and good times, so when it comes to responsibility, say to Him – “I want my pleasures, sure. But I want to be the best I can be. I know that the best resides with you, in every single arena possible. So, what I will do is I will pledge my loyalty to you. I will have my pleasures and desires, but when it comes to important things, I need you to give me the right tools, abilities, knowledge, wisdom and patience to deal with them accordingly. Trust me, this works in your favour twofold – one because you get your own luxuries in life (We all love those xD), but also because we are doing what He WANTS us to do. Seek his bounty, ask Him for help with situations, use what He has given us for the benefit of ourselves and those around us.

When confronted with opposition, do not buckle. Do not give way. Only allow truth and reason to come into the equation. The important point here, is to note that Allah is the owner of Truth. Not us. So if we go into a debate with our own agenda, there will be a few guaranteed outcomes. First, if the topic is worthy of note, Allah will be listening, and will ensure that whatever is said is to the benefit of all parties involved. However, that is it. The rest is your own agenda, so it had better be one worth pursuing, so all parties involved listen and benefit from it. If one was to argue for the sake of arguing, particularly regarding Allah or Islam, their argument has no benefit and in the sight of Allah, has no worth, so what happens, is both parties get frustrated at disagreements between the two, and instead of the truth coming from Allah to fix the situation (in whichever way He deems best), what happens is, internally or externally, a bat comes, and we begin to beat ourselves up, beat each other up, whether with words or with actions. Simply put, remember to be polite, humble and accepting of faults, for none of us are without fault but Allah. So if, in the course of a debate or disagreement, things are said to hurt, just ask Allah to get them out of the way so the true Haqq of the situation can emerge and evolve. Haqq means reality, or the truth in accordance with the decree(s) of Allah. If one was to take refuge in Haqq, they would find it in great abundance, as Haqq is also one of the names of Allah. What also happens, is a barrier comes, between you and anything false. This barrier is of course, subject to the will of Allah, and if it does disappear, it is ONLY because He said so, and if He says so, the only reason for that is our own benefit, and it is our job to trust that He will make us aware of the reason why He removed our personal comforts temporarily to grant us wisdom or knowledge that we need - whether we know we need it or not. Another important point to note here is that our desires do NOT, no matter how closely, align with His desires. So to avoid confusion, maintain the position that YOUR desires are your OWN desires, and His are His - and in every circumstance where they intertwine, there are appropriate portions that belong to their respective owners. "And if the Truth had followed their desires, verily the heavens and the earth and whosoever is therein had been corrupted/confused. Nay, We have brought them their Reminder, but from their Reminder they now turn away. (23:71)"

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