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The example of the Sun

An example of how we live with Allah can be derived from the reality of our sun. We cannot look at it directly, but we live in benefit of its light and warmth. We do our own things and walk our own paths, all the while the sun is there illuminating our path for us. Similarly, we cannot grasp Allah in our vision, and we live our lives (hopefully) following the truth when it comes to us, and (we should strive for) firm feet in the knowledge that there is a singular being who is capable of things we couldn’t even dream of, high above ordinary realms of thought and living, nay, creating with an (one could be forgiven for thinking) absurd Genius, life, death and comfort. We live with His tuition and power, all the while the one giving it to us is behind a veil, ever Caring, Generous, Kind and Merciful, guiding those receptive to His Guidance. Rest assured, in the afterlife we will be grateful that we were part of this first creation, so that we could earn His pleasure on His, fair, terms and that we could reap the benefits of our labour in the next life.

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